As part of the Sport NZ suite of leadership resources, we have teamed up with Capability Group and Added Insight to develop a series of relevant and effective leadership 360 surveys which have been tailored to each of the following leadership contexts – Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading Leaders and Leaders of Organisations.

A leadership 360 survey is a confidential process in which you receive feedback from a range of people on your leadership capabilities. You provide your own perceptions of your capabilities and these are balanced with the feedback from your manager (or Chair if you are a Chief Executive), direct reports, peers, colleagues or key external stakeholders.


Feedback against key leadership competencies and capabilities
Increased self-awareness of both strengths and areas for development
Greater focus and a catalyst for personal action planning and goal setting
The ability to become a more well-rounded leader who can take your leadership skills to the next level


1. You will be asked to select the group of people you want to “rate” your capabilities.

2. Raters will then be invited to participate in your 360 survey with an email and a link.

3. You complete a self-assessment while your raters complete your 360 survey… all online.

4. The survey will close on a pre-determined date and Added Insight will create a confidential report

5. You will be sent your 360 report and be contacted by a registered organisational psychologist from Added Insight or trained assessor from Sport NZ to provide a confidential debrief of your results and answer any questions.

6. You are then encouraged to share your results with your line manager and identify your key goals to work on over the next 6-12 months.



In the first instance please talk to your SNZ Partner Manager.


If you do not have a Sport NZ Partner Manager and would like to go through a 360 survey as a part of your own personal development, the first step is to have a conversation with your manager to see how this fits with your current development plan. If your Manager agrees then complete the 360 request form and email it to your Manager. Once approved, your manager will forward the request to Natalie Stevens. (Please note there may be a minimal cost associated with this process).