Developing leaders who are forward-thinking, courageous, curious, and driving continued growth.

The Sport NZ Executive Leaders Programme is a bespoke programme designed for our unique Aotearoa Sport and Recreation context. It is intended to support you in driving transformational change for yourself and your organisation - working smarter not harder and doing more with less. Through a design-thinking approach the programme is created by you, using real case studies and examples from our sector. It is participant led, providing you with the opportunity to build strong connections with other CEs and sector executives, sharing your knowledge and experience with one another. The focus is on growing your leadership performance in order to deliver better outcomes for your organisation, your community and the sector as a whole.

The E.L.P will enable you:

To master a range of competencies outlined in the Sport NZ’s ‘Leading Organisations’ Leadership Map
To deepen your knowledge and influence to become a more effective change agent within your organisation and across your community
To build the skills necessary to overcome barriers to change, moving initiatives into implementation and execution
To develop critical thinking skills and behaviours to thrive under ambiguity and complexity

The Programme

The Sport NZ Executive Leaders Programme is an eight-day residential programme held over a six-month period.  To support deep personal growth, tools include a 360 diagnostic, 1-1 executive coaching, personal feedback, real case studies, guest presentations, experiential learning and peer learning. Places on the Executive Leaders programme are by invitation only from Sport NZ. Places are limited to ensure the best possible learning experience. 

Our InvestmentAs part of our commitment to growing and developing leadership across the sector Sport New Zealand will meet all the costs of investing in these opportunities including accommodation, the cost of attending the programme and a substantial contribution to flights.

Your InvestmentBefore you accept a place on our programme you need to be able to commit to investing a significant amount of effort into your own personal development. This includes creating time for preparation, a willingness to apply your learning back in to your workplace and community and reflecting on your personal growth.

To support deep personal growth, tools incorporated into the programme include:


Module One: Monday 15 July 5.00pm start Tuesday 16 July 8.30am – 3.00pm Wednesday 17 July

Module Two: Monday 26 August 5.00pm start Tuesday 27 August 8.30am July – Wednesday 28 July 3.00pm

Module Three: Monday 7 October 5.00pm start Tuesday 8 October 8.30am - Wednesday 9 October 3.00pm

Module Four: Monday 18 November 5.00pm start Tuesday 19 November 8.30am - Wednesday 20 November 3.00pm

A 360 diagnostic

Real case studies

Experiential learning

Executive coaching

Guest presentation

Peer coaching

What’s in it for you

Creating and sustaining individual behaviour change through exposure to ‘stretch’ experiences and reflection.
Gaining powerful and enduing insights into your own strategic leadership capabilities.
Providing you with significant opportunities to engage with other CEs and influential leaders to engage, share and explore with peers your experiences, knowledge and skills.
Providing the space and support to increase your own self-awareness, building on your strengths and recognising your areas of growth

Module Structure

Each module has three distinct phases which encourages application of learning and involvement of your Chair to support new learning.


Developing required knowledge and completing activities for explore session.


Extending knowledge, experimenting, experiencing and evaluating options.


Applying tools, techniques, and approaches on the job, Peer coaching in learning syndicates