To support your own personal development and help you to be a more effective leader, a series of three workshops have been developed.
These are the Orientation workshop, Champions workshop and Developing Others workshop. They are the key to understanding the Leadership Framework for Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

If you are interested in having any one of these workshops in your organisation please contact your Partner Manager (if you have one), or Natalie.Stevens@sportnz.org.nz at Sport NZ in the first instance. Any RSO’s may also contact Meaghan Wilby at Sport Wellington meaghanw@sportwellington.org.nz

Programme Structure


Developing required knowledge and completing activities for explore session.


Extending knowledge, experimenting, experiencing and evaluating options.


Applying tools, techniques, and approaches on the job.


This workshop is a general introduction to the behaviors and tasks that will help you to be a better leader. It recognises that everyone has a leadership responsibility, regardless of their position or title.

Workshop Purpose

Build knowledge and enthusiasm for the Leadership Framework

Identify a key champion/s from your organisation to support The Leadership Framework’s implementation

Identify and explore methods and approaches that will support the implementation and delivery of the Leadership Framework tools in your organisation

Downloadable Workshop Resources



The Champion Workshop is a deeper dive into the Leadership Framework. It has been designed to explore and share ways to implement the Leadership Framework in your organisation and how to improve leadership effectiveness across your organisation to achieve better outcomes for your community.

Workshop Purpose

Define the role of a Champion

Explore and share ways that Champions can implement The Leadership Framework in their own organisation

Examine what will support and hinder Champions, and how they can build success

Developing an action plan

Downloadable Workshop Resources



The Developing Others workshop is designed to equip people leaders in the sector with best practice tools and techniques that can be used to help develop their team members’ leadership in alignment with the Framework.

Workshop Purpose

Examine the expectations and requirements for developing your team members’ leadership skills in line with the Sport and Recreation Leadership Framework

Be provided with tools and techniques to effectively support the development of others

Have the opportunity to practice and get feedback on your skills for developing others

Downloadable Workshop Resources



Each of the workshops are run face-to-face and are either 3 hours or 3.5 hours (Orientation)

Can be facilitated either by a Sport NZ representative, or by Capability Group, a learning and leadership consultancy who Sport NZ has partnered with to develop a range of programmes and materials which align with the framework

These are highly interactive workshops which require you to complete some Prepare work to ensure you are able to come well-prepared