The Sport NZ Innovation Leadership Programme is designed to help both individuals and organisations to develop approaches and systems that generate sustainable innovation. The combination of individual learning, teamwork and collaboration, and work-based action learning, provides the opportunity for significant learning and growth in a safe-to-fail learning environment.

ILP will enable you to:

Create and sustain individual behavioral change through exposure to ‘stretch’ experiences and reflection
Design new approaches with peers from across the sector and learn innovatively with them both individually and as teams
Collaborate with your team mates to make a real difference in your chosen innovation area
Gain powerful insights into your own processes and cadence for innovation that leaves a lasting impact

The Programme

The Sport NZ Innovation Leadership Programme (ILP) is a 12-month programme built around real-time innovation in the workplace. This action learning and action research feeds into three 2-day workshops. ILP is currently a two-year pilot with nine organisations taking part each year. Each organisation selects a team of three to deliver innovation in an area of strategic importance.

To support deep personal growth, tools incorporated into the programme include:


Workshop 1 : 5 & 6 July 2018

Workshop 2: 11 & 12 October 2018

Workshop 3: 11 & 12 March 2019

ILP is a two-year pilot programme that will conclude in April 2019. If the programme is continued the next intake is likely to be in mid-2019. Watch this space for details regarding applications

Levels of Perspective and Leadership-Management Model

Intrinsic motivation: competence, autonomy and relatedness

Blue Ocean Strategy and Butler Model of Personal Action

Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition   and Feedback drivers and    sources

Systems thinking, double loop  learning and reflection

De Bono’s Parallel and Lateral   Thinking

Module Structure

The structure and content of the three modules are built around an ‘Innovation Model’.


The first workshop is where teams explore what it means to deeply understand their target audiences, their context, and what these people would see as a significant innovation.


The second workshop uses the data and insights generated from the “Understand” phase to move to the ‘Design’ phase. This involves identifying innovative attributes and creating multiple prototypes for testing.


The third workshop provides a practical finish to the programme where each team works through what it will take to bring their innovation to life. The ‘Implement’ and ‘Refine’ phases provide the basis for influencing the decision makers in their organisation.

For more information, please contact: 

Andrew Eade via “Contact Us” page.